🔊 Who are your target audience?

19 December 2022

The target audience refers to the potential audience that will buy any product or service. We research, learn and find people belonging to this group with various marketing methods, and then we offer products and services to that group through other means, and in return they pay us in various ways and means.

How to determine your target audience?

Try to understand the platform environment you are using: it is important to know what platforms you are using and how they benefit you.

Know your target audience: when defining your target audience, try to be more specific by discovering the interests of your customers first.

Monitor the competition in the market: try to understand the strategies applied by your competitors and how customers react to it.

Tailor the content you create: create content that is relevant to your customers' interests to attract them.

  Apply Influencer Marketing: It is a method of using famous people to promote the products and services of various brands.